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Are you looking to update a flat roofing showing wear and tear at the end of its lifespan, or simply wanting to upgrade your property with a modern flat roof? St Helens Flat Roofing are your local, trusted experts in exceptional flat roof installations.

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Single Ply Felt Roofs

Constructed from robust layers of high-quality bitumen felt, single ply felt roofs offer exceptional strength and tear resistance, can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions and can withstand heavy wear and tear – All while improving your property's energy efficiency.


a felt roof with chimneys poking out on the top with hills and trees in the background


Unwavering Durability

With a history of reliable performance for decades, minimal seals and joints to minimise the possibility of moisture infiltration and an overall sturdy construction, single ply felt roofs make for a long-lasting solution.

Brilliant Weatherproofing

The felt membrane used in single ply felt roofs effectively repels water, ice and snow, drastically reducing the risk of leaks or moisture infiltration, all while being designed to withstand UV rays and thereby minimising cracking and fading over time.

Minimal Maintenance

The natural property of felt material means that minor stuffs or even tears can often self-heal. The most you will need to maintain a pristine finish is a soft brush and a little water.

Energy Efficiency 

The reflective properties and lighter weight of single ply felt means that your property will absorb less heat and reduce stress on the building's structure, serving to improve your energy efficiency and save money on indoor cooling.



All our works are guaranteed for 10 years too, leaving you in the best possible hands.

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Rubber Flat Roofs

A modern flat roofing solution, rubber roofs offer a range of unique benefits for residential or commercial properties thanks to their construction and eco-friendly nature

a rubber flat roof installed around chimneys in sunset suburbs.


Unyielding Flexibility 

Rubber membranes easily confirm to curved surfaces and irregular shapes. This offers complete design freedom, while reducing the possibility of cracks or leaks due to the roof's elasticity absorbing building movements.

Timeless Finishes 

Rubber roofs demand very little care and maintenance to last for decades, owing to both the natural resilience and self-healing properties of rubber.

Total Waterprofing 

The membranes used in rubber flat roofs create a seamless barrier when correctly installed, while the soft outer surface promotes effective drainage. Together, this virtually eliminates the risk of leaks or moisture infiltration.


Unlike traditional flat roofing solutions, many rubber roof systems are constructed from recycled materials to minimise their environmental impact and contribute to greener building practices.