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At St Helens Flat Roofing, we believe that roofs are more than the sum of their parts – They represent peace of mind and lasting protection for your home or business.

Our dedication to experience, combined with over 20 years of industry experience, make us a trusted flat roofing company in St Helens.

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What sets us apart as roofers in St Helens

Our journey started with a simple commitment – Excellence in everything we do, from the materials we use to the relationships we build. This dedication has fuelled our success over the last 20 years, driving us to complete dozens of projects and earn the trust and loyalty of our valued clients.


Our roofers in St Helens stand for:


Unmatched Craftsmanship

St Helens Flat Roofing goes beyond ‘doing things right' – We believe your expectations exist to be exceeded.

We use meticulous techniques and only the finest materials sourced from our trusted partners in the St Helens area to create modern flat roofs that reflect the needs and specifications of the client, which look as good as they perform.

A Client-Centric Approach

As a client, you're far more than just a name or a number. We take the time to work with each individual who seeks out our roofers in St Helen, making sure we understand their vision, budget and concerns before any work commences.

Transparency and open communication is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring you're informed and involved every step of the way.

Foundational Trust

Our reputation for reliability didn't appear overnight! The St Helens Flat Roofing name was built on years of successfully-completed jobs and word of mouth referrals from happy clients.

When you partner with our roofers in St Helens, you'll be partnering with specialists who deliver on their promises, prioritise your satisfaction and stand behind their work.






Where we serve as a
Roofing Company in St Helens 

We serve the following areas in a 10 mile radius: 

  • St Helens
  • Wigan
  • Leigh

  • Warrington
  • Widnes

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Questions we hear as roofers in St Helens


What types of flat roofing services do you offer at St Helens Flat Roofing?

Our primary services include single ply felt flat roofs and rubber flat roofs; whether you have already made a decision on what sort of roof you want or would rather some professionals assess your needs, we will tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

How long has St Helens Flat Roofing been in the industry?

We have over 20 hard-won years in the flat roofing industry, allowing us to establish a solid reputation for excellence and reliability in the St Helens community.

How can I request a quote for my flat roofing project?

Simply visit our contact us page and fill out the details on the form to request a site assessment for your project. Alternatively, please give us a call at 01744 817612 to speak directly to our team.





Have flat roofing questions? We have flat roofing solutions for you.

We like our clients to be informed – If there's anything you want to find out before you go ahead with a flat roofing solution, please email us at

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